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Get started

The one-stop hub and a beginner-friendly guide for anyone to start building on Dioxide immediately.

For Dioxide developers

  1. If you are new to Dioxide, kick off your building here

    A guide to Installing PREDA IDE Installation Guide

  2. Get familiar with PREDA IDE, learn how to write a smart contract, compile the smart contract, and write a test script PREDA-Toolchain User Manual

  3. Create a dApp from DioWallet

    Tutorial video will be available soom.

  4. Deploy smart contracts

    Deploying a smart contract is as simple as sending a transaction with the compiled contract code, without specifying a recipient.

    1. Once you've compiled the contract, click on the 'Deploy' button in the VS Code extension. Input the name of the intended dapp with the smart contract.

    2. You'll then be prompted to connect your wallet and sign the transaction.

    Tutorial video will be available soon.